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Books I Want To Finish Reading in 2011

One of the goals I made for myself in 2010 was to read at least 24 books. At the end of the year when I did the final count, I was happy to discover that I had read a total of 49 books. So with 2011 just newly arrived, I thought I'd list the books I'd like to read this year from A - Z.

A - Across The Universe - Beth Revis
B - Blood Magic - Tessa Gratton
C - Cloaked - Alex Flinn
D - Dust City - Robery Paul Weston
E - Enchanted Ivy - Sarah Beth Durst / Extraordinary - Nancy Werlin
F - Forsaken - Jana Oliver
G - Girl Saves Boy - Steph Bowe
H - Huntress - Malinda Lo
I - Incarceron - Catherine Fisher
J - Jelicoe Road - Melina Marchetta
K - Keturah and Lord Death - Martine Leavitt
L - Luminous - Dawn Metcalf
M - My Unfair Godmother - Janette Rallison
N - Nightspell - Leah Cypess
O - Once in A Blue Moon - Ellen Schreiber
P - Paranormalcy - Kirsten White
Q - Queen in Exile by Donna Hatch
R - Rot and Ruin - Jonathan Maberry
S - Sweetly - Jackson Pearce / Slice of Cherry - Dia Reeves
T - The Near Witch - Victoria Schwab
U - Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
V - Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead
W - Wither -Lauren DeStefano
X - XVI - Julia Karr
Y - You - Charles Benoit
Z - Zombies Vs Unicorn - Holly Black

This should be an interesting year. Happy belated 2011 everyone.
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